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Based in Fife, we offer extensive Professional Garden Landscaping Services. 




This type of walling can add great beauty and a uniqueness to your garden. The selection of natural stone changes colour with the seasons offering all year round interest.

Natural gaps in walls create a haven for flora and fauna. Suitable plants can be added which attract beneficial insects to your garden (for example ladybirds which help control unwelcome pests!!!)

This particular walling method is ideal for a retaining wall in your garden which provides natural drainage and stability.

This type of construction is also suitable for creating beautiful rockeries in all sorts of shapes and sizes to your liking complementing your garden layout. It can also be used for edging or borders around existing flower beds.


Rock Gardens and rockeries have been around for hundreds of years and became increasingly popular in the 18th century where grouping of large rocks were the main feature. Towards the end of the 18th century, more interest was placed on the collection and cultivation of alpine plants initially from the Swiss Alps and then from mountainous regions from all over the world.

With careful preparation and correct plant selection your Rock Garden can be a haven of natural beauty which will keep you intrigued all year round with very low maintenance.

You can have as large or as small a collection of as many different varieties as you like. They are all beautiful and offer species suited to all situations and aspects. Tumbling over your garden wall, reaching up into the tallest part of your rockery bed or simply sitting looking very pretty! 


The use of old reclaimed natural materials including stone and wood and slate and clever planting offers the appearance of a long well established garden in half the time! 

The right plant in the right place is key to successful establishment and assessment of soil texture and structure is essential prior to plant selection. Carefully selected shrubs and trees suitable for the size of your garden provides instant impact and discrete screening if required. Mulching is applied post planting to retain moisture and improve soil structure.

Your garden should be a relaxing space appealing to all the senses; Sight Smell Touch Taste and Sound. Plants and herbs for colour and smell, the sound of water and the birds and insects ultimately attracted by your wonderful plant selection!



Patios can provide the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy your garden, a place to switch off for a bit. 

At Fife Landscaping we can add a splash of colour to your patio with the addition of natural stone or stylish wooden planters filled with pleasant smelling herbs or stunning alpine flowers. Alternatively, plants can be directly planted into gaps in the stonework.

With natural stone you have the added benefit of a natural splash of colour provided by the differing textures and tones of each individual stone.


Well laid garden lawns can provide a good soft play area for children with easily maintained paths and edging. With a lawn the effect is instant, transforming your outdoor living area. It takes less time than planting and tending grass seed! We choose quality turves from reputable suppliers and advise you on aftercare too.


At Fife Landscaping we have a beautiful selection of natural and man made stone perfect for a truly unique patio or garden footpath in all shapes and sizes and textures. We can also offer handpicked varying rocks either as a standalone feature in your garden or part of a specially crafted rockery to suit your particular requirements.

If you would like a quote for these natural products or other materials please give Alan a call on 07790 845517.


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